Margaret, 68 sharing with Alan from Australia, 32

margaret_360x180Margaret had three Sharers over three years.  She was frail, and scared of being alone in her house at night.  She was widowed six months before her first Sharer Alan, aged 32, moved in.

He was able to do all her housework, cut the grass, take her shopping and to her weekly hairdressing appointment.  They occasionally went for an evening meal at the local pub.  Margaret encouraged Alan to bring his friends to her home for coffee or a meal, as she liked being with younger people.

Alan was from Australia.  He wanted to Homeshare to learn more about life in the UK, to have company, to save money for his extended trip home, and to live according to his personal values. Whilst Homesharing, he did clerical work for a local hospital and worked for a charity call centre, fundraising.

He stayed with Margaret for six months, and kept in touch with her on his return home.