Homesharing in the media

Homesharing is regularly featured throughout the UK in newspapers, radio and TV programmes. We’ve collected together a few of these articles for you here because they really give you a feel for what homesharing is like.

If you’re a researcher seeking information and original content for an upcoming piece on homesharing, please feel free to get in touch with us. We’d be delighted to contribute in any way we can.


A well researched article including interviews with three Homeshare 'couples'

The Guardian Friday 16th March 2012

Meet glamorous Lady Valerie Style from Chelsea and her two Sharers

The Sunday Times May 2013

Homesharing makes sound financial sense, if only there were more schemes out there...

Moneywise 25th June 2012

John Ford interviews Audrey Heard with long-standing Householder Shosh and Sharer Milly

BBC Radio Bristol April 2013