Could you be a Homeshare Sharer?

We’re reaching out to caring , helpful people looking for low cost rent-free accommodation.

As a Homeshare Sharer, you’ll be matched with someone (usually an older person) who can continue to live independently in their own home with your support and companionship. They’ll want you to sleep in the house overnight and give ten hours of your time each week.

Depending on what the Householder needs, and your abilities, your ten hours could be spent doing housework, cooking meals, doing some gardening or shopping, perhaps taking the Householder on outings. You’ll be making a real difference to their quality of life. In return, you’ll have your own room and shared facilities in a comfortable home with someone who’ll be pleased to have your company.

Homesharing doesn’t suit everyone. You’ll need to get on well with older people and be able to make a commitment to share for at least six months. It should be a rich and rewarding experience, giving you plenty of time to yourself, along with low-cost living.

If you think that you would make a reliable Sharer and would like to take it further, please call 01225 22 00 85 or 0117 369 3045 for an informal chat.

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