When interviewed you tell the Co-ordinator what you are prepared to do for your Householder. The Co-ordinator will then match you with a Householder who is looking for that kind of support. You are asked to give the Householder ten hours of your time each week, and perhaps half of that is spent giving company. That’s why we ask you to be in the home at least three evenings each week. Sharers may be asked to keep the kitchen and bathroom clean and tidy, vacuum, wash floors where appropriate, change bed linen, do the laundry, and perhaps do some shopping, cooking or gardening. Sharers are never asked to provide personal care.

Every match is different, depending on the needs of the Householder and the abilities of the Sharer.

As a Sharer you have a day off every week (when nothing is expected of you from the Homeshare perspective) as well as up to five weeks of leave over the course of the year (no more than two weeks at any one time). We ask you to give the Householder, their family and Homeshare West plenty of notice when booking holidays and weekends away, so that alternative arrangements can be put in place to cover your absence.