How we work

We meet with Householders to identify their specific needs and preferences and to determine the suitability of homesharing. We ask them about the kind of help they want, about the accommodation they are offering, and about the kind of person they would prefer to have sharing their home.

We interview potential Sharers by telephone initially then meet them for an in-depth, face-to-face interview. We ask about their circumstances and requirements. We take up verbal and written references before introducing them to a Householder. Police checks are made through the Disclosure and Barring Service.

The match is based on personal preferences, needs/abilities, social interests and personality.

After being introduced both parties have time to think about whether they would be happy living in the same home. They may want to meet again before making that decision. If they decide to share, we draw up a written agreement so that each is clear about what to expect from the other.

The first month is a trial period whilst they get used to each other. Throughout the duration of the match, however long it lasts, the Co-ordinator is always on hand to monitor progress and give support.

During the early stages the Co-ordinator is in touch frequently to ensure everyone is happy with the arrangement, and to help iron out any small issues that might arise. As the Sharer and the Householder get used to each other’s company the need for support lessens. However, the Co-ordinator is just a phone call away.