Could you be a Sharer?

We’re reaching out to caring, helpful people looking for low-cost rent-free accommodation.

If you like older people and are willing to help out, Homesharing gives you the opportunity to save money whilst living in a friendly environment with someone who’ll be pleased to have your company.

As a Homeshare Sharer you’ll be matched with someone who can continue to live independently in their own home with your support and company. They’ll want you to sleep in the house overnight and give ten hours of your time each week, offering company and practical help.

Depending on what the Householder needs and your abilities, your time could be spent doing housework, cooking meals, doing some gardening or shopping, perhaps taking the Householder on outings. You’ll be making a real difference to their quality of life. In return you’ll have your own room and shared facilities in a comfortable home. You will never be asked to provide personal care.

Homesharing suits people with less busy social lives – people who prefer to spend most evenings at home. You are expected to be in at least three evenings a week. You will of course have one completely free day every week and you can be away one weekend in three if you wish.

During the daytime you carry on as usual with your paid employment or studies. We expect you to be employed or studying in this area and if appropriate, have the right to reside in the UK.

There is a monthly fee of £200 for the service. For further information on Homeshare please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions.

If you would like to explore the possibility of Homesharing further, please call us for an informal and confidential chat.

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